Metal processing & Lubricants

Metal processing

We offer conventional and special products in steel and rolling mill plants, metal casting needs of electrolytic shops and metal construction industry. The product range provides the appropriate processing conduct and surface quality and uncorrosion properties. We have products that provides all the technological chain of metal and powder coating business cycle.
Information about your represented sectors in the required range of products is available in the "Products".

Oil and lubricants

For oil and lubricants manufacturers we offer a wide base and an additional (and special) range of products, which is used in oil, lubricants and refrigerants production.

For ecologically clean lubricant manufacturers we offer thickeners and antifreeze additives, which is also environmentally clean.
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Sales manager 
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Roberts Beitiņš
Phone: +371 67 80 32 80 +371 283 377 15
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